Workshop “Learning from Ottobrunn”

with Dr. phil Johanna G. Eder



Ottobrunn / Gartenlaube der Kunst

Workshop “Learning from Ottobrunn”
with Johanna G. Eder
11 am – 4 pm

11 am – 1 pm – visit of “Otto König von Griechenland Museums der Gemeinde Ottobrunn”
During its Bienial Das KloHäuschen came closer to Athens than expected.
So we are curious to learn more about the historic relations between Bavaria and Greece – and about Otto I king of Greece.

1-2 am – break with bavarian an greek food

2-4 pm – “the route and the goal” – interactive guided tour
Learning from Athens – Learning from Ottobrunn. Together we discover the exhibition sites and their artefacts. The route is the goal. We let ourselves be surprised by the unfinished, by questions, by failure. We open our eyes for the traces of what you can‘t see. With the help of playing, chance and a researching eye everybody becomes part of the creative process and the inspiration.

Dr. phil. Johanna G. Eder

ist Kunsthistorikerin und -pädagogin. Sie leitet die Abt. Kunstvermittlung des Diözesanmuseums Freising und arbeitet als freie Mitarbeiterin in der Kunstvermittlung der Städtischen Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München. Seit 2008 Ausstellungsbeteiligungen im In- und Ausland.
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