Welcoming address

to our patron

It is with great pleasure that KloHäuschen welcomes Hagen Kling as the patron of its 4th biennial.


Hagen Kling directed the department of district culture at the cultural department until 2016. And back in the day in 2009 when KloHäuschen asked for some funding for its rent an such, he gave us a huge leap of faith. And made sure that until today KloHäuschen can cover its own expenses.


When he retired he offered to support us pro bono.

And therefore we are now delighted to welcome him as this year’s biennial’s patron.

So what exactly is it that a patron does?


KloHäuschen has no idea. And it is of the opinion that Hagen Kling has done a lot already. It therefore defines the task as follows: Drinking bubbly with us at the opening. And eating canapés.

That’s what one does at a biennial, isn’t it?

Our favorite quote from Hagen Kling:


One needs to understand that I have always been keen on supporting both the content and the interaction, but never desired to interfere with it.


Hagen Kling (in an email from April 17th, 2018, on the occasion of KloHäuschen being awarded the Tassilopreis)