The publication program of the 4th KloHäuschen Biennial in its various manifestations – including the present website and this text – has been guided by the vision of Athens and by the interest in artistic processes. It has been inspired by the question of how the KloHäuschen can learn from the large-scale exhibition “documenta 14” and how it can learn from “Athen Ottobrunn”. In the publications of the 4th KloHäuschen Biennial, this “learning” and following this vision become the actual subjects of exploration. This includes the KHBi4 catalog and the KHBi4-logbook which both show artistic processes from the idea to the Biennial, from the vision of Athens to the realization of an ever more complex picture in Ottobrunn and in the KloHäuschen. A substantial part of both publications is dedicated to individual works of the participating artists and their underlying artistic processes. And finally, with the postcard edition of the exhibition architecture, Matthias Castorph adds the topic of photographic documentation and the possibility of making it publicly accessible to the publication program.
And we do not want to promise or describe anything more here.