KHBi4: logbook

The KHBi4: logbook offers space for notes that emerged during the KHBi4 on the different aspects of the Biennial, the exhibition and the architecture. And as the whole Biennial grows with its conduct and as the KloHäuschen miraculously gets closer and closer to its distant destination Athens in Ottobrunn, in the same way the contributions in the logbook approach the program and the exhibition in many ways.

Contributions of all artists to their exhibition objects – parts of their works that are not visible in the finished work of art as shown in the catalog – provide profound insights into the artists’ artistic practices.

Along with the KHBi4: catalogue the KHBi4: logbook is a comprehensive companion to the 4th KloHäuschen Biennial.

With contributions and pictures from Matthias Castorph, Michael Heinrich, Pietro Tondello, Johanna G. Eder, Christian Jacobs, Alexis Dworsky, Andreas Mitterer, Anett Frontzek, Anette Friedrich Johanessen, Anja Buchheister, ATHOR & Schmidt, Carolin Wenzel, Fabian Feichter, Fridolin Kleie, Gemma Meulendijks & Justina Seiler, Günter Nosch, Helen Varley Jamieson & Annie Abrahams, Johannes Evers, Judith Egger, Lena Hendlmeier, Lina Zylla, Lutz Weinmann, Manuel Eitner, Maria Berauer, MarinA, Mediendienst Leistungshölle, Monika Kapfer, Monika Supé, Nikolai Vogel, Patricia Wich, Rasha Ragab, rasso rottenfusser, Regina Baierl, Silke Markefka, Simona Andrioletti, Sophie Lindner, Stephanie Felber mit Luise Lochmann, Susanne Görtz, Veronika Veit and the KloHäuschen.

Edited by Anja Uhlig / realitaetsbüro and the KloHäuschen

136 pages, 61 pictures in color and black-and-white
Softcover, coated, 10.5 × 7.4 cm

Texts in German and English, artist texts in two languages
Edition 238 pieces + 12 AE
Private publishing

Selling price 8 Euro during the exhibition, only as a complete issue with KHBi4: catalogue
Not for sale after the exhibition.