Anette Friedrich Johannessen



Foto: Petter Lønningen       

What was your motivation to participate in the KHBi4?

I am always very happy to participate in the works of Anja and Das Klohäuschen. I believe we speak the same language, and at the same time, I find the concept for the KHBi4 challenging. Challenges helps you to evaluate all sides of the art you’re making. I have worked with Das KloHäushen three times since 2015, and I feel it’s an open and free space. A small one, but it engages it’s audience and involves some many types of people. There’s no boundaries for what you can do, and this inspires me. I believe this is clearly part the concept of KHBi4.

In how far have the KloHäuschen and the Gartenlaube inspired your contribution to the biennial?

My contribution is a performance that has already happened. To think about the performance, without thinking of the action, is different form how I look at my work. Therefore, it has inspired me to reconsider and value the importance of what the viewer might not see in the work. The space you perform in, and the material you use, is equally important as the action itself. The same with all the things that occur spontaneous and by accident. Moreover, finally yet importantly, it has been inspiring due to the fact that it has actually changes something unimportant to something very important.

Is there something that you would like to learn from Ottobrunn?

To appreciate and value the; not so interesting, the disruptive and the unimportant.

What meaning to you ascribe to the parts of your work that are usually not shown?

In my practise, the decision-making focuses around the material and the space. Some performances will not be on display for the public. This means that I have performed in nature, without an audience, and chosen to keep the documentation for myself. The same goes for the material I have planned to use, sometimes I leave it and go on with something else. However, I always keep the material and the work, as a remembrance of the action. It can generate new ideas, so it is always important as part of the process. Moreover, the process of making work is very often more interesting than the actual work itself.

Anette Friedrich Johannessen

Anette Friedrich Johannessen is a Norwegian artist. She did her BA at Camberwell College of Arts (London). Friedrich Johannessen has participated in several exhibitions and shows (both solo and collaborative) nationally and internationally. She works mainly with Performance and Video art.

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