Rasha Ragab

7 Hanging poems (Mu’allaqat)


What was your motivation to participate in the KHBi4?

With a great energy you can be a good motivator. Anja has that energy. And the KloHäuschen is a very special and interesting space, it can say a lot.

In how far have the KloHäuschen and the Gartenlaube inspired your contribution to the biennial?

From my culture background, I learned that the room (gallery) is like a woman’s body. It should not show too much, and have a kind of mystery surrounding her. That’s what I found in KloHäuschen, it has its own mystery.

Is there something that you would like to learn from Ottobrunn?

I don’t know yet, but I am sure I will learn something.

What meaning to you ascribe to the parts of your work that are usually not shown?

A part from a main work when it’s not shown usually fades out and gets forgotten.
In my case the fourth side of the Hanging Poems I didn’t finished, because I wanted to embroidered in public as a performance, but it never happened till now.

Rasha Ragab

Born in Cairo, Egypt. Artist and curator.
Worked as curator at Museum of Modern art- Cairo 1998-2012.
In the mean time working as freelancer curator for different exhibitions and galleries.
Showing here art work since 2003 till now.
Living and working in Munich and Cairo.